The Seasonal Tokens Podcast — Episode 8: Episode 8: Smart Crypto Investing with Parth Patel

Hello, crypto community,

In this episode of The Seasonal Tokens Podcast, Parth Patel shares with us how he chooses what crypto or blockchain project to invest in, what are the things to look out for, and the importance of having utility. Parth also shares with us his most recent venture, a free Web 3.0 job platform. Enjoy:

Polar: Hello, everyone. It is Polar here, the CMO of Seasonal Tokens. And today on our episode, we have another special guest. Please help me to welcome Parth Patel from Growception. Welcome, Parth.

Parth: Thank you so much for having me here today.

Polar: It’s my pleasure. Thank you very much for accepting my invitation. So, let’s begin with my favorite question. Actually, one of my favorite questions, which is can you introduce yourself and your background with a few words?

Parth: Absolutely. So, hello, everyone. My name is Parth Patel. I’m a founder of Growception and www 3 careers. So, I’m a marketing guy who understands consumer behavior and also who is quick in understanding how people think. So that’s who I am. That’s what I do for a living right now. I consult companies and Web 3.0 platforms and blockchain companies on how can they acquire more customers by having a genuine utility behind their product. So that’s what I do.

Parth: Amazing. So, you mentioned that you are consulting web 3.0 companies. So, I suppose you’re somehow invested in the crypto world. So, what has actually attracted you to the, let’s say, cryptoverse?

Parth: Well, the thing is that when I learned, I think I was late, but I’m still early, to be honest. I learned really late about bitcoin and some of the coins in the market, I believe in 2018. And that time, me and one of my other friends invested in Litecoin for like $800 worth. The thing is that we invested $800, and we got out after 3 months and still it was worth around like $800. So, we did not make money on it. But the one thing that got my attention is the blockchain technology, the technology behind the crypto, it’s decentralized, and the technology they use behind building the cryptocurrency, that’s what attracts me. So, we started investing in cryptocurrency not based on what you are buying or not based on what people are buying but based on why that cryptocurrency will be so important. So, if you want, I can give you an example of bitcoin and gold. We can compare bitcoin with gold because gold was one of the first metals to get discovered. And people realize this is rare. We don’t know how much gold is out there in the land. We can estimate right, but that’s the only thing we can do. We can only guess. Right? So that’s why the gold became one of the most expensive assets that everyone likes to wear, everyone likes to have possession of. The other part is there might be around hundred more metals, which will be a lot more expensive than gold, but still people don’t know about that, and they don’t have access to regular consumers, so they cannot buy, or they are not educated enough. The good thing is Bitcoin and Ethereum is the two coins that everyone knows about. And when you tell people about crypto, the first thing that strikes mind is Bitcoin. So that’s how we started investing. Yes, we do invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum, but I don’t advise people to do without doing any research and stuff, because there’s, what, 21 million bitcoins out there? I believe more than a million is lost already. Around three and a half million is left over to mine. So, 17 to 18 million in circulation right now. So, it’s a finite number. We know how many Bitcoins will be there. That’s why people buy it and that’s why we buy it as well. So yes.
Polar: Great. So, what you’re saying is that you have been more attracted because of the features that the blockchain is offering. Not that much because of the investment opportunities that it is offering to the people.

Parth: Well, what I would say is a bit different that we do invest, and we do invest in technology. I do invest in technology, so I do invest in coins. But I invest basically by going behind the back door, read their white papers and understand why they are making this coin. Because any human, including you and me, can make our own coins. Why would someone invest in a coin which I make? Why they would do that? For Bitcoin and Ethereum it’s a different story because they were one of the first ones to come out. But new coins that people are creating nowadays, I don’t see utility. And when I don’t see utility in any system that’s based on blockchain technologies, I don’t invest. So, I make investments based on calculations and based on the utility. So, we do invest in crypto. I’m not saying I don’t, but we do look for technology behind it. We also look for the utility behind it. Like why this coin exists, because what if I can create 100 million coins today with my last name, like Patel coin and I started selling? Will you buy it?

Polar: If it is just because of your name? Probably. But like you said, if there isn’t any utility very low chance.

Parth: There you go. So that’s the thing. Like if I can make a coin and if I can sell you a coin, if they’re cheap price, but the coin doesn’t have any assets backed to it. Not only asset, but not even any utility, then why would you buy it? So, I do have invested let me tell you an example. I do have invested in one of the crypto companies based in Colombia, but I invested in them because they have a finite number of coins that’s going to go out once they launch the market. So, I invested before even the launch, right? And they have built an ecosystem for e-commerce brands. So, I know that people will use these coins because they want to purchase products from that ecosystem. So, this coin is an essential part of this ecosystem. That’s why I bought that coin. Not because it’s created by one of the smartest guys in the world.

Polar: Yeah, it makes total sense. I absolutely agree with you that when we’re investing in coins, it’s better to check very deeply the utility, the white paper, the team, the goals, the vision, and things like that. So, we can, in the end have some facts which will help us to make our final decision if we should invest or not. Because if the project is just the next, let’s say, shit project without any utility and just empty promises, I think that there are thousands of tokens like that, that are born and die almost in a day or two. So, it’s total waste to spend time on a coin like that and invest your hard-earned money. So, I definitely agree with you. And like you said, you are also attracted to the blockchain part of the crypto. And like you also said in your introduction, there is one project that you have started working on that is somehow led to the blockchain industry. Can you tell us more about it?

Parth: Absolutely. So, my team is currently building a web 3.0 job platforms. So, there are multiple job platform out there, including some of the biggest, like Monster, even LinkedIn jobs, right? Monster indeed. LinkedIn and some more. They all are focused on all industries. So, if you want to hire a cook, you can find it there. If you want to hire a developer, you can find them there. But the problem is it’s not a niche specific. What we want to do is we want to build a job platform and we are currently working on it. Not we want to do, but we are working on it to build the next generation job platform for Web 3.0 community. So, if you are looking for a graphic designer to build your NFTs, you will find them, and they will join the platform and you can find them on the platform. If a company is looking for a solidity developer, they can find them there. If the company is looking for a white paper writer, they all are in the one space. Now, the beauty, the beauty about this project is it’s totally free. So, when I tell people my mission and my vision behind this brand is basically really simple, it’s. We believe that each and every developer, each and every graphic designer, each and every marketer in web 3.0 community should have an access to a platform where they can find quality projects. It goes aim with the companies to find quality people to work on the project. We have a team of really good developers who can make this happen by building a job platform and the beauty is we want to connect them at no cost. So, my platform which is, which we are planning to launch around November of this year will be out there. It will be totally free for anyone to join and any company to post a job. Currently there are companies out there in web 3.0 niche which charge around six hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars just to post one job. There is no guarantee of finding quality people, there is no guarantee of finding who can apply, who not. Same thing goes to the employer. Let’s say I’m a graphic designer, I’m struggling right now, I need a job. But the thing is if the job portal will charge me couple hundred dollars just to apply, to get credits to apply, does it make sense? Are they supporting me in my success or are they trying to get money out of me before even I get a success? Right? So that’s the difference. So, we are currently building this job platform which will be mainly focused in web 3.0. I believe a lot of people will join for sure and we are going to provide a lot of value to the companies, enterprises as well as the people, regular humans who just want to work for a company.

Polar: Amazing. That’s amazing. I’m looking forward to see this platform live. I have already checked it and even when it is not launched yet, it looks definitely very nice. And you said that it’s going to be free, but is there going to be a token, a crypto somehow connected to this platform? We are talking about web 3.0. Everybody is expecting something crypto related.

Parth: Absolutely. So, we do have something in the pipeline, I just can’t reveal it right now over here. But we do have something in the pipeline which goes around one year down the road. Not right now. We want to make sure we provide the right utility behind this token as well. So even if it’s free and everything is good to go, we want to make sure we do provide premium service. But maybe we’re going to donate all the coins, we don’t know yet. Maybe we want to back it by a cause to teach people how to use Web 3.0. Maybe we want to start an educational platform with these tokens. We don’t know yet, so we’re still working on it to provide the right utility. But I believe that we will be able to find that within one year of a timeline. So, yes, we do have something in a pipeline, tokens. Yes. But we haven’t decided yet what we’re going to do with it, how we’re going to launch it, what we’re going to do with the money that we raise with the tokens. So, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be filled out right.

Polar: Perfect. So, just by coincidence, I hit a gold mine, so I’m sure that now people will be even more excited to find out more about this platform. When we started the conversation, you mentioned something very interesting, and it is that you’re consulting a lot of blockchain and also VC,s about crypto. So, I suppose that it would be very interesting for our listeners to find out what the blockchain companies and VC’s, are searching for if they are investing in a new project.

Parth: Absolutely so when it comes to perspective from VC’s they help they need three things for sure. One is a solid founder and cofounder. If they have more than one founder, that’s great. If they talk to each other and are on good terms, that’s amazing. That’s the plus one. But they have to have a solid knowledge in the industry of what they are going into. The second thing is disruption. What industry are they disrupting and how? So, what will be an effect of this e-commerce company that currently I’m invested in will happen in this world, right? What kind of ecosystem they’re going to build? And the third thing is how solid their mission, vision and plan is, what is the exit strategy, what they are looking for, how much is their burn rate, how do they know their numbers and their utility? So, when I say mission, vision and utility that means they also look for what are they providing to the end user, to the people who are going to be the customer right? So, they want to make sure that in the ecosystem whatever the blockchain based companies are building. Everything is covered not just one part. Not just the coins. Not just that we’re going to pay five rappers x amount of dollars or just to dump 100,000 coins on regular people’s money. No. We don’t look for that. Yes, we are looking for marketing plans, but marketing is if we have a good product, we can find people to market our product it’s not a big deal. If we have a really disrupting technology, yes, we will get attention of people, right? So that’s aftermath but before investing, that’s what we look for that’s what the VCs look for and same thing goes with companies. Companies are looking for the VCs who understands blockchain just a little bit, right? Because if you see most of the VCs nowadays, they like to invest in regular tech companies’ lot of them are open. If you talk to someone like hey, are you busy? They say yes and you ask them what do you do? And they will say we invest in tech. That’s how the VC name come up; I think. Right? All of them are investing in tech, but there’s still a lot of education that should be done even on the VC side to show them the potential of this technology. Right? So that’s also one thing that founders have to come up with and talk it in the way that this is what they look for. If the VC have a background investment in a blockchain company, they would love to talk to them. They would love to pitch to them because chances of understanding the project by VC is a lot higher when they are pitching to someone who already invested in blockchain before than the regular VC who invest in regular tech companies or real estate investor or someone else. So that’s the difference. That’s what they look for mainly.

Polar: Okay, that’s good to know. I’m also looking to raise some funds for one of the projects that I’m working with. So, this is definitely available information for me to know. So, I’m very interested to know, when we are talking with VCs, have you found some of the most common questions that all of them are asking you in most of the cases?

Parth: Well, after watching the pitch deck, the first question is who is the founder? as I said before, and what is their background? Because everyone wants to bet on someone who already won once, right? If you are a successful person. Let’s give an example of Elon Musk. He built a lot of companies. He built or the payment process for me, he built the PayPal. Now, the chances of Elon was going out there and asking people to raise money for SpaceX and people giving him money is a lot more higher. Because who doesn’t want to bet on someone who already been successful once, right? So, let’s say if the founder has a background of Techstars, they got investment from Y Combinator before to their x start up. Or if they have an experience working as the 9th employee of ABC company who work tax disruption. Or they have experience working as a Twitter. It’s like 41st employee at Twitter and stay there for 5, 10, 15 years. Yes, that’s what they look for. If they already have experience, of what startups looks like, then chances of getting success out of them is a lot higher because the regular person can say okay, give me a million dollars, I have a great business plan. But if they never eat, if they have never seen the side of entrepreneurship, the side of running a business, it’s really tough to bet on them.

Polar: So, what we are saying is that VCs are actually more invested in teams than in the project.

Parth: They are more invested an in experienced entrepreneur who already built something in the cost and got even a small amount of success or even no success. But who already did this before and they are trying to redo it because they will give their 1001% instead of the regular entrepreneur who just want to come up and say this is my first project and I’m looking to get investment of, even like $100,000, why would we still bet on him instead of betting on someone who already has seen what it takes to become successful?

Polar: Yes, it makes total sense. Like we said saying, in most of the cases, if the team sucks, even if the idea is the best one, there isn’t much chance for it to survive. So, this idea won’t be possible without the team. So, if the team doesn’t have the needed skills and the experience, like you said, the chances of success are not very high. So, I think that VCs are thinking in the right direction if I can say that.

Parth: Yes, they are. They are really smart with their money. They know where to invest, how to invest, when to invest.

Polar: Yeah. And have you noticed something like leaving the crypto space because of the crypto market at the moment?

Parth: Yes. So, a lot of persons who I personally know as well. They stopped investing right now. They paused us. They didn’t stop, but they paused for a small amount of time. What I believe what everyone is looking for right now is just to get wiped out of the companies who doesn’t have any utility. Right? Because the thing is that if the one coin goes down, the chance of the other hundred, which are stupid coins will go down as well and a lot of people will lose money. And that’s when the retail investor or regular investor, someone who doesn’t have any idea about blockchain or any idea about coins and who just invested $50,000 in stupid coin just because his friend at a coworking space made a lot of money by investing in this stupid coin. And once they lose, they will always say crypto is a bad thing. But the problem is they never got educated, right? So, most of the VCs they do have paused it and they’re just waiting. They’re just waiting patiently. And I believe this is my prediction. I told my friends and family as well and a lot of VCs as well that within a year we’re going to see a really good wipe out of the NFTs as well, actually NFTs and Crypto’s, which doesn’t have any utility, we’re going to see that this company was started disappearing. And that’s when the time comes up after a year to invest in the right company, who can survive in this one-year time period? We have the right utility. The founders will not give up. They will not give up.

Polar: Nice. So, are you trying to tell me that right now is not the best time to invest in crypto projects? Or you’re telling me that now it’s even more important to do very deep research about the utility of projects before jumping in very heavily?

Parth: I’ll go with the second answer that you just provided. Doing the research is the key. So, I still invest. We just closed the deal last week with one of the block chain companies I do invest, but I invest after doing my research. I will keep investing. But I’ll keep investing after doing my research and after feeling comfortable to see the potential of the company. So do invest. I’m not saying don’t invest but invest by doing the research. Take risk, but take calculated risk, not blind risk. There is a huge difference. So that’s what I would suggest. I’m not saying that wait for one year to wait for the right opportunities, the right opportunity is out there. You just have to look for it. You have to understand how to read the white paper, how to understand, you have to understand how these people will be able to build an ecosystem to be honest. And if we can do that yes, you have a good project to invest in. Invest if you believe in the founders, yes, it’s a good project, why don’t you invest in? So that’s the key part and I believe there are a lot of companies right now, so we are talking with one of the crypto companies, great potential, great future. But they are on the stage that they do need investment. If someone doesn’t invest, they will go out of business, right? So, they are ready to give up their coins or equity at a very cheap price right now just because they want to survive. So, I think right now the coins are on discount, if you know what coins to buy.

Polar: Yes, absolutely. I think that the bear market gives us very good opportunities for investing in projects that have great potential. And right now, they’re suffering because in the crypto market, everything is connected and you don’t have much chance to, let’s say, outgrow Bitcoin when Bitcoin is down. We know that now when Bitcoin is down, almost everything is down. So that’s why projects that have a great potential are also down. But like you said, you have to do a very serious research to find out if they have a promising future or they are down just because they don’t have good utility. And they have just built another project, like 100 other projects like that. So, you just said something very interesting, that you have to calculate your risk very well when you’re investing. And because in our Seasonal Tokens podcast, we are talking a lot about reducing the gambling and doing more investing than that. So, do you have any guidance in that direction, how people can do more investing and less gambling when we talk about crypto investing?

Parth: In simple words don’t invest when your friend says, I just made 130,000% on this coin, read white papers, check out the founders bio, check out their background and then invest, it’s that simple. So, because we are humans and we have a nature of trusting people so easily, a lot of time. We have a nature of we would love to make easy money. So, if you get attention from someone and someone is saying that make 100,000% in one year, no, it doesn’t work. Maybe you are lucky, and it might work. But the chances of you being lucky is almost none. The chances of making more money by investing instead of doing gambling is a lot more higher. You’re going to become wealthy. The end story is you don’t want to become rich; you want to become wealthy. So, when people change their mindset from becoming rich and just driving up a nice car, like buying a Lambo or something, yeah, you’re going to see the difference. You’re going to see the difference in the mindset. You’re going to see the difference what they are looking for while they invest and all that stuff. So, if your end goal is to become wealthy, then yes, you should invest. If your end goal is just to look rich, not even become, just to look rich, then good luck to you. But it’s really tough, my friend.

Polar: Yeah. Especially in this volatile market, and when there is a lot of fake news.

Parth: By the way, it’s not only crypto market, it’s any of the markets out there. There’s no shortcut. So, if you’re looking just to be reached within one week, it’s not going to happen.

Polar: Absolutely, I agree with you and you mentioned something that I value and believe that it’s really important but not many people are actually talking about this in crypto investing and I’m very happy that you are the first person that is mentioning this on the podcast and it is the mindset. I totally believe that the mindset is one of the most important things in crypto and if you are going with a bad mindset or not bad but the wrong mindset in everything, in life, in relationships, in business, in investing. Like, you don’t have much chance of succeeding in anything of the things that I just mentioned. So, my question for you is, except the things you just mentioned, do you think that there are other important mindset changes that people have to do in order to have a higher chance of success in web 3.0 investing .

Parth: Being aggressively patient, right? So, you have to be patient, but you have to be aggressive towards patient. When the coin goes five or 10% down, don’t get panic and sell it. If you did your research, by the way, if you just invested because your friend told you, then, yeah, you should get out of this coin as soon as possible. Right? The easiest way to make money in casino is walk out of the casino and as you walk in. Same thing goes here. Right? So, if you know what you invested in, it doesn’t matter what the market is. Well, it does sometimes, but in 99.99% of scenarios, if you did your research and if you believe in the founder, if you believe in the company, don’t get panicked, don’t sell. So be aggressive, be aggressively patient. That’s the key.

Polar: Amazing. Yeah, absolutely. Patience is the key in everything, in life, in relationships, in business, in crypto investing, and probably in other things that I can’t mention right now. But patience is very, very important, especially if you have done your research, like you just said. So, it’s very wise to mention patience and it is very hard to have a lot of patience, especially right now, when the market is down and people are going crazy, that everything will be dead very soon and things like that, which is, again, human nature and totally understandable. But do you have any specific investment strategy during a bear market?

Parth: I would say the same thing. The research. The research is the key. And the second thing is, if you know your research, then be out of negotiations. That’s when it comes in. So, if you know a project that’s been building, by great founders who knows what they are doing, who are tech genius, and they have a business sense as well, not just technological side, but also business side. And you ask them, are you raising money? Yes, we are raising 1 million. What valuation? We’re raising at 5 million. How did you come up with that $5 million valuation, by the way? We believe that this is what happened with the other company last year. So, we believe that this will happen. And you have a counter argue, but last year the crypto market was at this peak. This year it’s here. So, what would you say to them? Just wait for the answers to see how prepared they are. And if you are a good negotiator, you will get a really good deal out of them. And it’s not only win for them or win for you, it’s a win for both of you guys, because you will invest in a great project. And these guys will spend less money on bullshit things just because they believe it’s a VC money. Let me fire it up. And that’s okay if we have a burn rate or whatever, it doesn’t work that way. So, if you give them less money, the chances that they will survive is also higher. They’re not going to make stupid purchases. A lot of companies do, right? So that’s what I would say. Look for the best product out there. Reach out to the founder, ask them, how can you help? And see if you can get some coins that have a really really good price. And make sure you are not wasted for too long. Yeah, if it’s a great project, why not? Right? But you have to make sure the founder is also wasted with you. Now, do you know what do I mean by wasted? Right.

Polar: Yeah, but maybe we should explain it.

Parth: So basically, in the smart contract somewhere, it should say that the founders cannot sell their 20% of coins before this milestone. The same thing should apply to the investor. But if they ask you to invest up $50 and say you have to wait until we do this thing Y thing? Right. Which is more than X thing. And if the founders have chance of selling dumping their coins in the market before you, then that’s the mistake. Right. So, you should always look for how wasted they are, how much coin they have in the market, how many coins they can give out in the market. Right. It should never be earlier than an investor. That’s an investment strategy. That’s a good strategy. And second thing is you have to have a preferred share. If they are an LLC registered in anywhere in the US, get the preferred stock, not regular stock, say if the company dilutes and if they go bankrupt, you are the first one to get your payment back instead of everyone else. So that’s another thing that you should look for.
Polar: Amazing. Thank you very much for this advice. They’re definitely very valuable. And we know that after a bear market, after the night, the sun always comes back and shines. So, I suppose the bull market will be back. We don’t know when, but it will be back because there are a lot of projects that are building some great stuff on the blockchain. There are some great utilities out there too. So, it will be back, I don’t have any doubts about it, just don’t know when. And I doubt that there is someone out there who knows when it will be back. But when it is back and when we are in a bull market, is there any change in your investment strategy?

Parth: No. When people are making money, you have to do the same thing that you have to do when it’s a bad market. Do the research, try to negotiate, get the best price for both of you guys. Done. Research. Read the white papers. Do the boring stuff that no one else wants to do outside, because after just doing a boring stuff, you will realize a lot more than what regular people don’t even understand about the coin. You will be able to figure out as a normal human being with a common sense that this coin makes sense. This coin is so dumb. But people are if you see the market cap of the coin is like $6 million. This is so stupid. You’re going to realize and you’re going to save yourself a lot of money.

Polar: Yeah, you’re 100% right about that. I think that the main word this podcast is: Research. So, what I was wondering like something that I believe is important for our listeners to know is: you have been talking with a lot of projects lately in VCs and I’m sure that some of them are mentioning some negative things related to the crypto industry they have their worries but they’re invested somehow in crypto but probably they still have some doubts that crypto will survive the next winter so what makes you think that the future of crypto is bright and what you would say to one of these companies or VCs that have their own doubts about this?

Parth: Well, the risk is everywhere, and we VCs really well understands that. When they invest money, they like to make smart moves based on the data that is provided and available to the market. Now generally when you ask about crypto to anyone outside. A human being, they will say its scam. They might think it’s a scam because they are not educated enough about the specific topic. Right? Or you should ask them. I always ask my VCs as well. How did you come to that conclusion? What makes you think that this is a scam? Right? And just answer the questions that they give you in the backside. If they think because Bitcoin is falling, your company will fall. No, it’s not. We not only have coins, we also have this and this and this. Right. So that’s the key. That’s the thing I look for. Yeah. So, you’re saying that because educate them. If the VC says I will think this, this, and this, you say okay, I understand this is the right concern, but tell me one industry who doesn’t have a risk on investment. You can invest in US government bond, but the inflation and will eat your profits left and right. So that’s also risk. You can invest in the Sri Lankan government, but the government files for bankruptcy. Can you imagine that? So that’s also not safe. You can invest in oil, but then someone will come up and say, well, we want a green nation. Now, what you’re going to do with that oil that you just bought? Your customers who don’t like it because they want a green world, right? So, risk is everywhere. It’s not just one point. And the good thing about VCs are they know that the money they are putting in is a risk. But the one thing they do smarter than everyone else is they do take risk with calculations. So that’s the key part. And diversify. A lot of people say, do just one thing in your life and stick to it for 50 years. Yes, you can, if you have patience. I am not really a fan of that. I do 10 different things because I just get bored, if you give me one thing over and over again, I cannot do that. I’ll find a way to automate that, or I’ll find someone who can do the work for a good price for me right? and I will not touch that work again. But I like to solve problems, problems in different industry. Yes, that’s the key. Taking a risk.
Polar: Yeah, you’re 100% right that there isn’t an industry where you can invest with full certainty that everything will be roses, and everything will be perfect because in nature there isn’t such a thing like it doesn’t exist. And I doubt that it will exist because it comes with its lessons and reasons to exist. So, I believe that it makes sense to have risks, otherwise maybe part of the fun after life will be out of the game and if there is no fun like why you should play the game in the end. So, I think that it was a really great interview and you we have shared a lot of wisdom with our listeners but are there any final words that you want to mention?

Parth: Finally, I would like to say check out for the things that you’re investing in. Check out the white paper, do the research, do the boring stuff. If you can’t do it, find a guy who can do it for you. Find a person who does it and that’s how you make an investment. Find a mentor. When I say find a mentor, I’m not saying pay someone to be your mentor and get a course or something for like 10 weeks bootcamp or something. No, it’s not going to help you because you might be pumped for 2, 3 days, then fourth day you’re going to be like, it’s okay, let me give up because I just paid $97, $47. It’s nothing for me. Don’t do that. So, find a mentor in the industry that you are investing in. If it’s crypto, yes, you have to find someone in crypto who understands the market. Not only the market, but who also understands the utility behind the coin. Find someone, follow them, see how they work, see how they invest, listen to them, why they are investing in this specific coin, and if it makes sense to you, do the investment. And in the final words, look out for our company, And we are launching soon, so I’m excited for that. So, if you’re a web 3.0 person, if you’re a developer, graphic designer, artist, NFT specialist or consultant, or anyone else, if you do any work related to website 3.0, feel free to join. There is already a form out there. Just fill out a form and we’re going to send you an email. When we launch, we are ready launch to create your profile. So, yes, that’s what I would say.

Polar: Perfect. Thank you very much for that. So, where people can find more about you Parth.

Parth: You can find me easily on LinkedIn. I believe there are a lot of Parth Patels actually so you should look for a Parth Patel space UCF it’s my college name and I do pop up on UCF, I don’t know why. There is also website called, that’s my main company site and, that’s also my company side. They can easily find me there. And on Instagram actually I have a really creative name given by some of my really good friends. If you search on Instagram @DisruptiveHustler I will pop up. So, feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or something and we can look forward to talking to you and I’ll see how can I help.

Polar: Amazing. Thank you very much for this. I’ll make sure to include part of all of the links in the show notes. So, thank you very much again Parth for being part of the Seasonal Tokens podcast. I think that this is a very valuable episode and people can learn a lot of your experience. So, it was a really great pleasure for me need to have you here.

Parth: Thank you so much Polar, for having me here to give me an opportunity to share what I have to say about crypto markets. And you are doing an amazing job to educate people because that’s the key component of this industry, to survive. Not only survive, but to shine in really good time manner, right? Because crypto will be there even 10, 50, 100 years from now. But how soon can we get in front of the people and educate them about what we are trying to do here? You are doing a really amazing job. So, thank you so much to you too as well.

Polar: It’s my pleasure. It’s absolutely a pleasure for me to do what I’m currently doing. So, thank you very much again for these really nice words. I appreciate it. And thank you very much to all listeners that have been able to reach this point of the podcast. I truly appreciate your support and I would be regretful if you can subscribe on one of the platforms that you prefer the most. We are listed on more than 12 platforms so far, so I hope that you will find the one that works the most for you. And yeah, subscribe, a lot more is coming. I’m sure that our next guest, they’ll have also their experience and value that they want to share with you. So, thank you very much for listening. I’m Polar, the CMO of Seasonal Tokens and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.



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