The Polygon Farm Has Been Deployed

Hello, everyone,

We have amazing news to share with you.

The Polygon farm has been deployed and will start receiving contributions on the 5th of January, exactly one year after the Ethereum farm launched.

Now you can use the website to deposit liquidity into the Polygon farm. If you have the Polygon network selected in MetaMask, then the farm page on the website will automatically use the Polygon farm (

On the 5th of January, both farms (the Polygon and the Ethereum one) will receive 4.5% of the tokens mined of all four types.

Farmers who want to maximize their farm income can move their liquidity from the Ethereum farm to the Polygon farm, but when the number of tokens in the two farms is equal, the two farms will be equally profitable. If there are more tokens in the Polygon farm, then it’s more profitable to use the Ethereum farm.

Farmers are advised to compare the number of tokens in the two farms before moving their liquidity. It’s also important to note that the fee level for liquidity positions on Polygon needs to be set to 0.01%, and the liquidity must be full range (min price=0, max price=infinity) in order for the liquidity position to be deposited into the farm.

After the 5th of June, we can expect to have about equal amounts of liquidity in the two farms.

Tokens can be traded at close to zero cost on Polygon, and with the additional liquidity provided by the farm, trading tokens for more tokens on Polygon will be the cheapest way to accumulate tokens over time.

Happy farming everyone!

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