The Market is Responding to the Summer Halving as Expected

Seasonal Tokens
2 min readApr 28, 2023

It’s been almost two months since the Summer halving on the 6th of March. Summer has risen as expected and is now the second most expensive token.

The prices have shifted in response to the halving at about the same rate as they did to the Spring halving in June 2022. Analysis of that market response showed that the prices tend to move about 1% per day towards the ratio of the production times.

The chart above shows theoretical prices based on the assumption that prices will continue to move at the same rate. The real prices seem to be sticking quite closely to their theoretical values.

This is great news for Seasonal Tokens. The market seems to respond reliably and efficiently to the halving events. This means that the prices are cycling around each other in a stable and predictable way. Users can trade tokens for more tokens over time, making use of the predictable cycles.

The trading simulator at allows users to try it out for themselves, without putting any real money at risk.

Check out the video introduction to the simulator at to see how it’s possible to gain wealth over time by trading along with the cycles.

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