Summer Becomes the Most Plentiful Token

The Seasonal Tokens project has just passed a major milestone, with Summer finally overtaking Spring as the most plentiful token. For the first nine months since mining started, Spring tokens were produced at the fast rate of the four. Spring was the cheapest token as well as the most plentiful, but on the 5th of June, the rate of production of Spring was cut in half.

Since then, Summer has been produced at the fastest rate, with 140 Summer tokens mined every ten minutes, along with 84 Spring tokens, 120 Autumn tokens, and 105 Winter tokens. Spring tokens had built up a significant lead over the other tokens in terms of the number of existing tokens, but in the months since then, Summer has been catching up.

Four and a half months later, Spring has become the most expensive token, and Summer is now the cheapest. On the 20th of October, Summer overtook Spring as the most plentiful token, with just over 12 million of each in existence. The era of cheap and plentiful Spring tokens has come to an end, and the era of cheap and plentiful Summer tokens is here.

The tokens were designed to go through these seasons so that investors can profit from them, by trading the more expensive tokens for the cheaper ones, which become the most expensive later on. Before the Spring halving in June, an investor could get about 1.2 Spring tokens for a Summer token. Today, a Spring token is worth about 1.5 Summer tokens, so an investor with 1.2 Spring tokens could trade them for 1.8 Summer tokens.

This gives investors a better investment strategy than simply holding the tokens. By trading Summer for Spring earlier this year, and trading the Spring tokens for Summer now, an investor would make an 80% profit, measured in Summer tokens. Even though the crypto market has remained flat in recent months, investors could still make a significant profit by trading tokens of one type for another as the seasons unfold.

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