Seasonal Tokens Weekly Price Analysis

By Heater

Spring has finally been crowned king of the tokens, hitting a high of 1.59 cents, and finishing the week off at 1.23 cents, 0.38 cents above the previous ruler, Winter, which finished at 0.85 cents. It was intended that Spring would be the cheapest token, and then become the most expensive during these months, and it’s finally happened, proving that the basic economic ideas of the project are working in the real world.

Autumn, much like Winter, traded sideways, starting at 0.77 cents and finishing at 0.76 cents, with not much activity in between. Summer showed us a glimpse into the future, climbing out of the basement into the lime light on October 1st to 1.01 Cents. Good enough for second, and likely in anticipation to the next halving. It did fall from grace, dropping just under Autumn and finished at 0.74 cents, but its interest from buyers has spiked. Look for Summer to follow the same trend as Spring has since its halving in June, with its own halving coming March of 2023.



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