Seasonal Tokens Weekly Price Analysis

By Heater

The token prices had a slight climb at the start of October before trading sideways. Spring remains the most valued token, peaking at 2.94 cents on October 7th, before coming back down to earth at 1.26 cents. Autumn peaked as well on the 7th , reaching 1.14 cents before ending the fortnight just under a penny at 0.97 cents.

Summer climbed almost a whole cent on October 5th, hitting its high of 1.64 cents, which at the time made it the most valuable token. Buyers are anticipating the next halving, and previous investors are taking advantage of the new price . The buying and selling ended with Summer finishing at 0.90 cents, up 0.26 cents over the course of the fortnight.

Winter still kept its silver medal finishing at 1.20 cents, up 0.35 cents. The market is still showing lots of interest in the token. It peaked on the 15th at 1.24 cents. It will be interesting to see if Summer’s price rises in comparison to Winter before its halving in March 2023, due to investors’ anticipation of the next change of season, or after the halving, when the change in supply becomes the dominant factor influencing the price.



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