Seasonal Tokens Weekly Price Analysis

By Heater

The four token prices have been range-bound for the last three weeks, with Summer finding support at 0.8 cents and Winter meeting resistance at 1.3 cents. Renewed buying early in September led to rising prices, with Autumn reaching a high of 1.12 cents on the 3rd, followed by Spring and Summer reaching highs of 1.26 and 1.05 cents respectively two days later. Winter’s price reached as high as 1.39 cents on the 10th before falling back and rebounding off support levels in the following week.

Spring has continued its rise relative to the other tokens, gradually separating from Autumn over the course of the three weeks, and briefly exceeding Winter on the 3rd. Meanwhile, Autumn has drifted closer to Summer, trading almost at parity from the 3rd to the 6th before a bout of heavy selling pushed summer back below Autumn. All four prices peaked overnight on the 10th before retreating to weekly lows on the 15th and 16th.

Nearly four months have passed since the Spring halving at the start of June, and Spring has firmly established its position as the second-most expensive token. After tracking the price of Summer and then Autumn during July and August, September has been the month when Spring tracked Winter more closely than the other tokens. In the next few months, it can be expected that Spring will continue to track Winter before rising above it and then separating from it, repeating the pattern that played out with Summer and Autumn over the last two months.



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