Seasonal Tokens Monthly Price Analysis

Seasonal Tokens
1 min readMay 4, 2023

By Heater

The month of April saw some interesting price movements across all four tokens, particularly in light of the halving that occurred for the summer token in March. Spring started the month at 0.0067 cents and finished at 0.0065 cents, experiencing a relatively stable price performance. Summer, on the other hand, started the month at 0.0054 cents and ended at 0.0060 cents, indicating a slight rise in price following the halving. It is worth noting that Summer’s lowest price point of 0.0050 cents on April 3rd may have been influenced by the aftermath of the halving event.

Autumn started the month at 0.0048 cents and ended at 0.0046 cents, experiencing a slight decrease in price throughout the month. Winter started at 0.0060 cents and finished at 0.0044 cents, a relatively significant price drop. The effects of the halving for the summer token may have had a ripple effect on the other tokens, but Winter experienced the biggest change. Likely a sell-off pressure due to investors shifting their focus to the more valued summer token .

It will be interesting to see in the coming months for summer to be the most valued token not only in mining rewards but the price given by investors.