Seasonal Tokens Monthly Price Analysis

Seasonal Tokens
2 min readNov 28, 2022


By Heater

[Note: To provide a broader overview of the tokens’ price action, we’ve switched our price commentaries to a monthly format. We hope this will allow us to give our readers more comprehensive reports and a clearer understanding of the Seasonal Tokens economy as it develops over the coming months and years.]

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Unfortunately, the effects of FTX
stretched across the crypto world in November, and we weren’t unique in this case, unfortunately. Having said that, the sky is still above ground and
the future still bright. The token prices declined over the course of the month, following the broader market, but the internal market consisting of trade between the four tokens has proven resilient, with only temporary and minor disruptions to the natural order and ratio of the four prices.

All four tokens started above 1 cent heading into November but fell below by the 9th. Spring remained the most valuable token, dropping from 1.34 cents to 0.92 cents over a course of month, showing that the economics built into Seasonal Tokens remain solid even as the crypto world shakes.

Autumn finished the month at 0.69 cents. Its value remained close to
Winter’s throughout the entire period. With Summer on the rise and Winter’s slow decent, Autumn could occasionally see itself in second place before Summer’s ultimate climb after the halving in March 2023.

Summer remained the cheapest token, but showed a glimpse into the future on the 7th of November, taking second place on that day alone and hitting 1 cent before dropping back to last place again. With the halving of Summer only 4 months away, we can expect a climb in the months ahead. But for now, Summer finished the month as the cheapest of the four, at 0.57 cents.

Strong holding of Winter throughout the month kept it the second most valued token. With its halving almost 2 years away, it will be interesting to see its slow decent to 4th position over that long time period, and whether traders will trade it to profit in the future or sell to profit today. Ending the month at 0.81 cents, trading Winter for Summer may be the smart move, with a current exchange rate of 1.42 Summer tokens per Winter token.