Seasonal Tokens Monthly Price Analysis

By Heater

2022 is closing out with not many exciting moments, but the token prices over the last year serve as a proof of the underlying concept of Seasonal Tokens. The average price of the tokens fell during December, following the trend of the crypto market in general. With 2023 only a day away, and two tokens halving next year, excitement will soon come in the seasonal world.

Spring remained the top token over the course of December, as expected. Six months after its halving, it has solidified its position at the top, and remains the most desired token. Starting the month at 0.87 cents, it had a huge drop in response to this month’s events in the crypto world, down to 0.64 cents, before recovering and finishing the year at 0.68 cents. If buyers feel that the crypto market has finally hit its bottom, look for a fast climb up with Spring leading the way.

Summer holders will be looking forward to the Ides of March, when the upswing in Summer’s price is expected to begin. Summer is currently the least valued token, sitting at 0.48 cents but with its halving only three months away, it will soon be the most valued. To climb above Spring’s current value, it would take a 33% increase in price. That may seem unlikely, but one just needs to look at Spring’s history to see how the cheapest token became the most expensive.

The end of the year may also mark the end of Winter being valued near the top of the tokens. Once the most expensive token due to its slow rate of production, Winter will soon be the third most expensive token, and before 2023 is over, it will be on track to become the cheapest. It started this month close to Spring’s price at 0.81 cents but ended closer to Summer and Autumn at 0.54 cents

Christmas just ended but Autumn holders can’t wait for Christmas again. With the second halving occurring in December when Autumn’s rate of production is halved , it will be interesting to see if people will buy Autumn before that in anticipation, or if it will be the forgotten token until Jingle Bells is back on the radio. Its current price is slightly higher than Summer’s at 0.49 cents, but expect it to soon be at the bottom, battling with Winter for third place.



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