Seasonal Tokens Monthly Price Analysis

Seasonal Tokens
2 min readOct 22, 2023

By Heater

Prices for all four seasonal tokens (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) have experienced a decline over the last two months. In the case of Summer token, which underwent its halving earlier in the year, it began August strongly at 0.45 cents but concluded September at 0.31 cents, reflecting a decrease in value.

While it encountered some fluctuations, including a peak at the start of August and a dip to 0.27 cents on September 23rd, it generally held steady. The earlier halving event contributed to reduced token supply, which could have benefited its price by increasing scarcity. Meanwhile, Autumn token is approaching its halving later in the year. This upcoming event may spark speculation and investments, even as it started the month at 0.26 cents and ended September at 0.21 cents.

Autumn experienced fluctuations, with its lowest point at 0.19 cents on September 21st. Investors might anticipate the halving and take advantage of the low price in the coming months.
Conversely, Spring and Winter tokens faced challenges in preserving their value. Spring, commencing August at 0.37 cents and closing September at 0.28 cents, underwent a noticeable decline, with its lowest point at 0.25 cents on September 23rd. Similarly, Winter token opened August at 0.31 cents and finished September at 0.23 cents, struggling to maintain value, with its lowest point at 0.21 cents on August 17th. The tokens collectively indicated a waning demand during this two-month period.