Seasonal Tokens Monthly Price Analysis

Seasonal Tokens
2 min readJun 9, 2023

By Heater

The Spring token began May at 0.64 cents and closed the month at 0.66 cents, showing a slight increase in price. It experienced some volatility throughout the month, reaching its highest point of 0.76 cents on May 5th and the lowest point of 0.57 cents on May 23rd. Similarly, the Summer token started May at 0.58 cents and ended at 0.61 cents, displaying a modest upward trend. It reached its peak on May 10th at 0.64 cents but experienced a dip on May 14th, dropping to 0.51 cents.

On the other hand, the Autumn token exhibited a relatively stable performance, starting May at 0.45 cents and closing at 0.48 cents. It briefly surged to its highest point of 0.55 cents on May 10th but also experienced a downturn, reaching a low of 0.43 cents on May 14th. In contrast, the Winter token showcased a positive trajectory throughout May. It began the month at 0.43 cents and concluded at 0.50 cents, recording its highest point on May 7th at an impressive 0.83 cents. The token experienced a temporary dip on May 1st, reaching a low of 0.42 cents.

Overall, the Spring and Summer tokens demonstrated slight gains, while the Autumn token displayed stability with brief fluctuations. The Winter token stood out with a significant surge in price, emphasizing notable market interest.