Seasonal Tokens Monthly Price Analysis

By Heater

Over the course of January, the four token prices remained steady in their hierarchy while moving up and down with the general crypto and financial markets of the world. Spring remains the most valued token, reaching a high of 7.9 cents on the 19th and finishing the month at 6.1 cents. Winter continued to slip but remains valued above Summer and Autumn, hitting its low of 4.9 cents on the 24th before recovering the next day and closing out the month at 5.3 cents.

Volatility decreased over the course of the month, with Summer, Autumn and Winter crossing over each other frequently during the first week, after which Winter separated from Summer and Autumn, tracking the price of Spring for the rest of the month.

With Summer’s halving just over a month away on the 6th of March, its price continues to hint at an imminent climb, hitting a high of 6.2 cents on the 5th. Until the halving occurs, though, expect it to remain below Winter and Spring.

Autumn followed the same trajectory as the other tokens, shuffling between 3rd and 4th place, and finishing in 3rd at 4.8 cents. With Summer’s climb coming after March, it will be interesting to see if Autumn joins it in passing Winter’s price, even briefly, or if it will stay firmly in 4th place.



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