Seasonal Tokens Monthly Price Analysis

Seasonal Tokens
2 min readJul 13, 2023

By Heater

During the month of June, the four seasonal tokens exhibited varied price movements. Spring started the month at 0.57 cents and ended at 0.48 cents, experiencing a decline in value. It reached its highest point of 0.62 cents on June 1st and its lowest point of 0.47 cents on June 27th. Summer began June at 0.57 cents and closed at 0.49 cents, showing relatively better stability. It reached its peak of 0.57 cents on June 6th and its lowest point of 0.41 cents on June 25th.

Autumn had a downward trend, starting June at 0.46 cents and finishing at 0.33 cents. Its highest point was 0.52 cents on June 6th, while its lowest point was 0.30 cents on June 25th. Winter also experienced a decline, starting at 0.49 cents and ending at 0.40 cents. The token reached its highest point of 0.53 cents on June 2nd, but dropped to its lowest point of 0.33 cents on June 18th.

Overall, June witnessed mixed performance among the seasonal tokens. Spring and Autumn faced significant price declines, while Summer displayed relatively better stability, becoming the most expensive token by the end of month. This was anticipated because Summer is now produced at the slowest rate, and can be expected to retain the top position for the rest of the year.

Winter also experienced a decline in value. These price fluctuations can be influenced by various factors such as market demand, investor sentiment, and external market conditions during that period.