Seasonal Tokens Monthly Price Analysis

Seasonal Tokens
1 min readAug 22, 2023

By Heater

During the month of July, the four seasonal tokens exhibited various price movements. Spring started the month at 0.48 cents and concluded at 0.37 cents, experiencing a notable decline. Its highest point of 0.48 cents was recorded on July 2nd, while the lowest point of 0.37 cents occurred on July 31st. Similarly, Summer began July at 0.49 cents and closed at 0.45 cents, showing a relatively modest decline. The token reached its peak of 0.52 cents on July 2nd and its lowest point of 0.42 cents on July 31st.

Autumn faced a more significant decrease, starting July at 0.33 cents and ending at 0.26 cents. It reached its highest point of 0.36 cents on July 13th but dropped to its lowest point of 0.24 cents on July 23rd. Similarly, Winter also experienced a decline, starting at 0.39 cents and finishing at 0.30 cents. The token reached its highest point of 0.40 cents on July 2nd but reached its lowest point of 0.30 cents on July 31st.

Overall, July witnessed a downtrend in prices for most of the seasonal tokens. Spring and Autumn faced notable declines, while Summer and Winter also showed decreases, though relatively less significant.