Seasonal Tokens Are Now Listed on

The Seasonal Tokens project is continuing to expand access to the tokens by making them tradable on more exchanges over time. In addition to Uniswap and, the four tokens — Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter — can now be bought and traded at

With the addition of Coinstore, investors and traders from all around the world, including US citizens, can now trade tokens for more tokens over time, and increase the long-term value of their investments. Using a centralized exchange allows traders and investors to avoid the high cost of transactions on the Ethereum network. This reduces friction and makes cyclical trading more profitable.

Now that the Spring halving has taken place, the prices of the tokens will be closely watched over the coming months, as investors look out for signs that Spring’s new scarcity is pushing up its price in comparison to the other tokens. The price action will be visible in live trading at and, as well as on major price-tracking websites.


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